Cantillon Zwanze 2009

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Cantillon Zwanze 2009

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Cantillon Zwanze 2009 is the second release in the Zwanze_SeriesZwanze series of beers. This series has been released every year since 2008, and beginning in 2011, with a coordinated celebration around the world at various beer bars, breweries, and restaurants. The 2009 edition is a lambic with elderflowers added and bottled in 75cl bottles. It would be rebrewed again in 2010, and released regularly thereafter, as Cantillon Mamouche.

History / Other Notes

Zwanze 2009 did not have a specific release party or release date. Bottles were served throughout Europe and America and were available for both onsite consumption and takeaway for a brief period. It has also been served on draft at multiple bars, Zwanze Days, Quintessence events.

Bottle Log

Bottle date


Cork Date Bottle Size Label / Notes Image Link
05/25/2009 2009 750mL White "Zwanze 2009" label with description and bottled on date on the back label. Elderflower lambic, would become Mamouche in 2010. N/A


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