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Brasserie Eylenbosch

By the end of the 18th century, more than one hundred lambic producers once flourished in the old heart of Brussels. By 1900, only fifty were left within the city limits. [1] Of the 2,700 active breweries nationwide before 1900, only 200 practiced some form of spontaneous fermentation, a mere 8%. [2] Prior to World War I, there were many lambic blenders. Nearly 300 merchants purchased young and old lambic for blending, which was most often served in their cafés. [3]

The 20th century brought obstacles to lambic brewers, WWI especially brought hardship to the Belgian brewing industry as a whole. Breweries were sometimes occupied, and equipment was often confiscated. Some brewers stopped brewing lambic entirely, in favor of more popular German-style lagers, or ales to compete with a new influx of imports. WWII again brought the closure of many breweries and supply shortages that limited lambic production. The latter half of the 20th century saw mergers and closures of smaller companies by larger conglomerates, and the rising popularity of sweetened lambic. [4]

This list is an attempt to catalogue the lost lambic producers, documenting a significant part of Belgian brewing heritage. Though it is not complete or fully comprehensive, the list includes breweries, blenderies, café blenders, as well as merchant contract brewers that sourced lambic for their own brands. It is an ongoing, open-ended research project that will continue to expand.

Please direct any submissions, additions, or corrections to Matt, our primary researcher of closed lambic producers, or to site editors Bill and Adam.

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List of Closed Lambic Breweries and Blenders

Brewery / Blender Location Founder / Brewer Dates Active Notes / Links
l'Abeille Charleroi Produced Gueuze-Lambic Extra Vieux. Label proof photo.
& Fils
Waanrode 1963-1980 Produced Faro, Gueuze Caves Vieux Bruxelles, and Kriek Caves Vieux Bruxelles. Faro label.1 2
Algoet-Meerts Alsemberg/Sint-Genesius Rode Franz Algoet-Meerts, founder 1910-1940 Known as "Brasserie Du Moulin". Lambic production unknown. Invoice Photo, Date closed
l'Alliance Anderlecht Eugene Rosseels 1878-1923 Located at Kliniekstraat 41. Produced Faro, Lambic, and Mars. Pre-Imperial and Caulier mergers. [5]
Adolphe André Ransart Produced Gueuze Lambic, likely a contract brewer. Gueuze Lambic label.
Ankerhof Essene - Brabant Jules Wambacq 1933-1957 Located at corner of Eksterenberg and Fooststraat. Produced Faro, Gueuze, Kriek, and Mars. Brewery listing (Dutch), Historical timeline (Dutch), Brewery site history (Dutch)
Appelmans, Hof van Sint-Martens-Bodegem (Dilbeek) Founded 1868 Produced Lambic and Gueuze. Located at Sint-Martinsstraat 28. 1 2 3
Au Grand Sablon Beersel Lambic production unknown.
Au Laboureur Dansaert Located at rue de Flandre 108. Site of a 'brown cafe' of the same name, Au Laboureur was possibly a café blender or contract brewer in the past. Produced "Gueuze Laboureur". Glass photo.
Avedyck & Co. Leuven Active 1885-1896 Produced Faro and Lambic. [6] 2
Baeten, L. Overmere Leopold Frans Baeten, founder (b. 1865) 1886-1945 Also known as "Brasserie Sept Etoiles". Brewery site history (Dutch)
La Barbe-Moerenhout Brussels Henri J. Vander Borght Active 1806 Brewery founded as Den Baert, records date back to the 14th century. H. Moerenhout was the last brewer when the brewery closed before WWII. Mentioned in the 1966 article "Tonnemerken Van Brabantse Lambiekbrouwers". Quintens, p. 24. [5]
Battard, F. Ville-Pommeroeul François Battard Founded 1866 Possibly a contract brewer. Produced Gueuse Lambic. Began as a chicory roaster, later existed as a distillery, winery and beer importer, and in the 20th century became a food distributor and grocery chain. Sign photo. Historical site.
Bécasse-Steppé Anderlecht François Prosper Steppé, founder (b. 1882) 1877-1952 Originally a café blender, A La Bécasse, founded 1877 by Henri Steppe. Acquired by Belle-Vue in 1952, then by Brabrux in 1972, and finally by Interbrew in 1992.1 2
Belgor Brussegem Gustave De Keersmaeker 1806-1971 Acquired by De Keersmaeker (Kobbegem) under Mort-Subite in 1971, 1 2 3 continued as a brewing site until the late 1980's. Became a beer distributor in 1989, which finally closed in 2014. 4
Belliard Etterbeek L.J. Vandevoorde 1878-1928 Located at rue Belliard 78-80. 1888: Presented "Caro" at Brussels Exposition. 1896: Produced Faro, Gueuze, Lambic, and Mars. (Le Médecin, 1896). Advertisement photo.Archived brewery listing. [7] [5]
Bellis-Demol Molenbeek J. Bellis-Demol 1892-1930 Located at Chaussée de Gand, 218-220, Molenbeek. Presented Lambic at the World’s Fair in Antwerp (1894) and Paris (1900). 1914: Known as "Brasserie-Malterie du Cygne". [8][9] Historical research (Guy Moerenhout)
Bellis, J.P. Sint-Katherina-Lombeek Jean-Pierre Bellis Closed 1960 Produced Gueuze & Kriek. Kriek label.1
Bequet Brussels Emile Becquet, founder Active 1867-1875 Located at rue des Fleurs 41. 1867: 1100 barrels lambic sold, 1875: presented bottled Faro & Lambic (1870, 1872) at l'Exposition de biéres anglaises et continentales Londres. [7]
Bontemps, J.B. Brussels Jean-Baptiste Bontemps Active 1889-1910 Located at rue de la Violette 24. Presented 25 bottles of Lambic Gueuse at 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. 1 Presented lambic & faro at World's Fair 1889 in Paris, 1894 in Antwerp, 1900 in Paris, l'Exposition de Liége 1905, Exposition Internationale du Bordeaux 1907, World's Fair 1910, Brussels. [9] [7]
Borremans-Van Campenhout Forest-Brussels M. Borremans-Van Campenhout Active 1879- Known as "Brasserie de L'Abbaye". Produced Faro and Lambic. Historical research (Guy Moerenhout) Lambic label. Lambic - Faro - Brune label. Printed ceramic ashtray.
Bovie, Alphonse Brussels Alphonse Bovie Active 1885 Located at rue des Fabriques 7. Presented Faro and Lambic at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. [6]
Brabrux Wolvertem (De Keersmaecker) 1871-1990 Bought by Belle-Vue in 1969, closed in 1990. 1 2
Brédael, C. Brussels Active 1856-1878 Located at Belliardstraat 90. Mentioned in the 1966 article "Tonnemerken Van Brabantse Lambiekbrouwers". [5]
Brouwershuis Dworp/Sint-Genesius Rode Theo Hanssens-Vastiau Active 1946 Café located at Hallesesteenweg 153. Owned by Theo Hanssens-Vastiau of Hanssens Artisanaal. Historical site info.
Bouckaert Ename (Oudenaarde) C. Bouckaert 1892-1961 Known as "Brouwerij de Pelikaan", located at Martijn van Torhoutstraat 140, Ename (Oudenaarde). Produced Oude Kriek (label photo). 1 2 3
Cantillon Fréres Lembeek Auguste Cantillon 1894-1914? In 1894, Auguste Cantillon purchased the Vandezande-Van Roy brewery, located in Lembeek’s Hondzocht district. His sons Emile and Paul Cantillon worked here, Paul left in 1900 to start a lambic blendery in Anderlecht (Cantillon Brewery). His brother Emile remained in Lembeek and supplied lambic to the Cantillon Brewery for blending until WWI, when production likely ended. [10] [11] Archived Cantillon Fréres listing.
Cantoni, L. Brussels Lavraas Cantoni, brewer Active 1824-1910 Located at Rue du Rempart des Moines 23. Known as "Brasserie La Renommée". Produced Gueuze-Lambic. 200 bottles of Gueuze-Lambic were sent to Constantinople by request of Sultan Abdulmejid I in 1844. L'Independance Belge, Oct. 18.1844, page 2. 1 [7]
Carlier, Adolphe & Co. Brussels Adolphe Carlier Active 1894 Located at rue la Grande Ile 49. Bronze medal for lambic at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. [7]
Caulier Brussels (1873)1875-1971 Located at rue Herry 31. 1900: Produced Faro, Kriek, and Lambic. 1950's: Sourced lambic from Winderickx. [6] 1 2
Château d'Or Uccle J. Vanderlinden, founder 1894-1954 Formerly "Brasserie Ponette" and "Brasserie du Château". 1 Produced Faro, Gueuze Vieux Chateau d'Or, Kriek, and Lambic. 2
Château, S. A. (Le) Strombeek-Bever Closed 1961 Produced Gueuze. 1 2
Charlier, Joseph Brussels Joseph Charlier Active 1899 Specialized in bottled Lambic-Gueuze and Lambic. Located at rue Armand Campenhout 8. 1899 Brussels Almanac listing, page 758
Cheval Blanc Liége Lamy, L. Active 1903- Café blender, produced Gueuze Lambic, Krieken Lambic, and Faro. Sourced lambic from Van Elewyck. Located at Boulevard d'Avroy 122. Postcard of Brasserie du Cheval Blanc, Postcard of Café Du Centre with Cheval Blanc Gueuze Lambic sign. Ashtray.
Chrispiels Brussels Active 1880 Located at rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil, 15. Presented lambic at Exposition Nationale de 1880, Brussels. [7]
Colmant, Jean Baudour Produced Faro, Mars, and a "Gueuze-Saison". 1
Cnop Anderlecht Auguste Cnop, founder Active 1935 Located at rue des Goujons 22. Produced Gueuze. Breweriana. 1935 Brussels Almanac listing.
Concorde, Brasserie de la Brussels Pierre Otte Cafe blender. Produced Gueuse-Lambic and Lambic. Located at rue de la Concorde 72. Postcard photo. 1
Cools Fréres Brussels Active 1894 Located at rue Jolly, 52. Presented lambic at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. [7]
Coosemans Brussels Active 1892-1895 Located at rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil, 17. Presented bottled lambic at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. 1895: Became Plaisant-Schoukens. [7] (Guy Moerenhout)
Corbeel, A. Vilvoorde Arthur Corbeel Produced Geuze-Lambic. Geuze-Lambic label photo. Possible related brewery site: Lange Molensstraat 50. A plaque dated 1934 with the name Arthur Corbeel was found on this site in Vilvoorde. Site info.
Corbeel, F. Tervuren Félix Corbeel Active 1926-1935 Known as "Brasserie St-Michel". Produced Faro, Gueuze-Lambic, Kriek-Lambic, Lambic, and Petit Gueuze. 1 2
Cornet de Grez Dworp Ferdinand Cornet de Grez d'Elzius, Mayor of Dworp, founder 1828-1869 Lambic production unknown. 1
Couronne (De Kroon) Uccle Herinckx brothers, founders 1929-1966 Founded as “Brasserie Hérinckx Enfants” in 1892, named Brasserie de la Couronne in 1929. Acquired by Brasserie Leopold in 1957, and later closed in 1966. Historical research (Guy Moerenhout)
Crétens-Maeck St. Gilles-Brussels Maeck Bros. 1873-1902 Located at rue Haute, 161-163 (1894) and rue Sterckx 9-11 (1899). Presented lambic at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. 1897: Gold medal, Brussels International Exhibition. 1899: Produced Faro, Gueuze Lambic Extra, and Lambic, also advertised Vieux Lambic for blending. [7], 1899 location and advertisement, p. 783
Crockaert Huizingen Br. Leon Plaisant Active 1899-1900 Lambic production unknown.
Crockaert, Edouard Brussels Active 1894-1900 Located at rue des Fabriques 17. Known as "Brasserie de la Rose". Won a silver medal for bottled lambic-gueuze at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. [7] Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1900, Paris. [9]
Day Fréres Linkebeek Active 1931 Active date, brewery sign (Collection: Danny de Beule, Photo: Filip Geerts)
De Baerdemaeker Essene Alfonsus De Baerdemaeker Closed 1950 Located at Essene-Kerkplein 5. Produced "Belgueuze" and Kriek. Active 1933-1950, prior dates unknown. 1940: Known as "Monty S.P.R.L." Label photo, Brewery listing, Historical info, Brewery site info
De Bisschop Leupegem (Oudenaarde) 1870s-1970 Located at Leupegemstraat 42-49. Produced Gueuze, further lambic production unknown. Bottle auction listing. Historical info.
De Boeck Koekelberg 1866-1969 Located at rue de Flandres 187-188. Produced, Faro, Gueuze, Kriek, Lambic, and Lambic-Gueuze. 1937-38: merger w/Goossens 1, Historical research (Guy Moerenhout)
De Boeck, Léopold Halle Léopold De Boeck Active 1885-1894 Presented Faro and Lambic at World's Fair 1885 and 1894, Antwerp. [8]
De Bontridder, Fritz & Co. Vilvoorde Fritz De Bontridder Active 1885-1894 Produced Faro, Lambic, and Mars. [6] [8]
De Bue Frères
(Vieux Temps)
Uccle 1930-1950 Produced Gueuze Vieux-Temps and Kriek Vieux-Temps. Production of these brands continued by Winderickx after closure. 1 2
De Coster, Jules & Co. Ixelles Jules De Coster Active 1885- Located at rue de la Digue 3. Presented Faro and Lambic at Worlds Fairs in 1894-95, won a gold medal for Lambic in 1900. Possibly active until 1935 under merger with Pierre Hap. [6] [8] 1 2
De Coster, Louis & Emile Molenbeek Louis & Emile Decoster, founders 1892-1969 Produced Gueuze Cornet de Poste. Closed in 1966 after being acquired by Belle-Vue. The brewery was used as the headquarters for Belle-Vue, brewing there until 1992, and active until 1996. Brewery advertisement (Freddy Leriche), Historical research (Guy Moerenhout)
De Coster-Heymans Saint-Gilles (Brussels) Ferdinand De Coster-Heymans 1876-1948 Located at rue de France 7-8. Produced Lambic and Gueuze. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 47.
label (Freddy Leriche), enamel sign (Collection: Danny de Beule, Photo: Filip Geerts)
De Dobbeleer Dworp Lambic production unknown.
De Dobbeleer-Mertens Sint-Genesius-Rode François De Dobbeleer 1901-1950 Known as "Brasserie de la Bonne Source". De Dobbeleer learned lambic brewing at De Coster in Brussels. 1 Listed on monument to closed lambic brewers in Beersel: 2 3 4
De Donder Jette - St. Pierre Guillaume De Donder Active 1933 Beer merchant, specialized in bottled Gueuze and Krieken Lambic.
De Drie Bronnen Beersel Pierre Mommaert, blender (1960's-1971) site built 1883, café 1953- Café blender located at Hoogstraat 13, 1650 Beersel. Former site of Drie Fonteinen blendery. Café blended a house Kriek with Girardin Lambic and Schaerbeek cherries. Last known proprietor: Jef De Visscher-Mommaert. Reported currently closed due to family illness.1, Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 160.
De Eendracht Leuven 1904/1905-1974 Produced Oude Kriek Lambic. Label photo. Glass photo. 1
De Gheest Aalst 1926-1988 Produced Gueuze St. Job. Formerly "Brasserie de Lelie, Brasserie La Lys". In 1926 became Brasserie De Gheest S.A. In 1983 owned by Belbrew, became Brasserie Dendria/Brasserie Safir. Closed 1988. 1
De Grote Pot Beersel Lambic production unknown.
De Jonghe Fréres Willebroeck Active 1894 Presented Faro and Lambic at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. [8]
De Kam Wemmel Isidore Stallaert-Callewaert 1905-1914 Located at Steenweg op Brussel 7, closed during World War I. Produced Lambic and Meerts. Referenced in the 1966 article "Tonnemerken Van Brabantse Lambiekbrouwers", based on the account of a former brewery worker, Mrs. H. Vanhellemont-Thyssen, age 78. Archived brewery listing. Postcard photo. Architectural site history.
De Keersmaecker, Ch. & R. Wolvertem Ch. De Keersmaecker 1871-1970 Located at Stationstraat 14, Wolvertem. Produced Caves St. Pierre Gueuze Grande Reserve, Gueuze Corona, and Gueuze Ch. Van Den Stock. Presented lambic at the World's Fair 1894, Antwerp (Jean-Joseph De Keersmaecker-Augustyns). [8] sign photo, brewery site, 2011
De Keersmaeker Kobbegem Felix Jan De Keersmaeker (1840-1912) 1604(1869)-1971 Also known as "Den Hert", or "The Deer". Merged with Brabrux before being acquired by Mort Subite (Alken-Maes) in 1971, and remains their current production site today. Den Hert label, Den Hert sign (Collection: Danny de Beule, Photo: Filip Geerts)
De Koninck-Bergé, C. Brussels Active 1899 Known as "Brasserie du Cheval Gris". Produced Faro, Lambic, and Gueuze. Specialized in bottled Lambic Gueuze. Located at rue de l'Evéqué 16. 1899 advertisement, Brussels Almanac p. 758.
De Koninck–Proost Dworp Closed 1978 Blender. Produced Gueuze and Kriek. sign 1, sign 2 (Collection: Danny de Beule, Photos: Filip Geerts) sign 3
De Koninck & Gebroeders Dworp Closed 1977 Blender. Produced Gueuze and Kriek. De Neve continued the brand until 1992, and is still being produced by Frank Boon. The De Koninck family owns a drinks shop in Buizingen. 1 (Frank Boon)
De Koster-Hallemans, P. Brussels Active 1900 Known as "Brasserie du Cheval Noir". Located at rue du Cheval-Noir 17. 1899: Advertised Vieux Lambic-Gueuze. Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1900, Paris. [9] 1899 Brussels Almanac listing, p. 782.
De Kroon Tollembeek Everaert Active 1949 Produced Gueuze and Kriek. Sign photo. 1
De Meuter, H. Itterbeek 1907-1965 Located at Dorpstraat 55. Produced Faro, Gueuze, Kriek, and Lambic. Also known as "Brouwerij t'Draaiboomke". 1, 2, LambicLand, Webb, Pollard, McGinn, Page 8.
De Nayer Molenbeek Martin Denayer Closed 1955 Located at Rue Taziaux 39, Molenbeek. Known as "Brasserie de l'Etangs Noir". Produced Faro, Oude Gueuze, Kriek Lambic, and Mars. Gueuze coaster. 1930 advertisement. Sign photo.1, 2
De Neve Schepdaal 1792-1994 Founded: 1792, a brewery since 1772. One of 5 lambic breweries in Schepdaal in the 19th century. 1975: Acquired by Belle-Vue, Constant Vandenstock.
De Nieuw Cam Gooik Charles Walravens 1711-19? Located at Dorpsstraat 32, Gooik. Produced Faro, Kriek-Lambic, Lambic, and Mars. Historically protected building is now a bed & breakfast. 1918 brewery invoice (source: Virtok,, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
De Page Brussels F.J. De Page Active 1866 Located at place Saint-Géry 10. 1866: Produced 159 tonneaux lambic, 239 tonneaux faro 2,3 years brewed for F.J. De Page. (Le Moniteur de la Brasserie, Feb 18, 1866, no. 360) [7]
De Page Overijse Paul De Page Closed 1965 Produced Gueuze De Page, Gueuze-Lambic, Kriek De Page, Kriek-Lambic, and Lambik. Won a bronze medal for Kriek-Lambic at the Worlds Fair 1900. 1 2
De Potter Fréres Molenbeek-St.-Jean Active 1894 Presented Faro and Lambic at World’s Fair 1894, Antwerp. Located at rue du Cheval-Noir 17, later site of De Koster-Hallemans (1900). [8]
De Sint-Roch Lembeek Louis Paul 1860-1898 Name was later changed to "Hygiëna". Produced 1st bottled gueuze in 1875. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 59.
Pre-dated Troch (1898-1927), De Vits, equipment sold to Frank Boon in 1978.
De Smedt-Heymans Rebecq Located at rue de la Station 43. Produced Lambic Gueuze. Label photo.
De Troch, A. Schepdaal Arthur Troch (1834)1900-1967, -1978 (Boon) Blender, brewery-maltery, a brewery site since 1834. Current site of a restaurant, Spanuit. Historical site. Active dates source. Glass photos: 1, 2, 3
De Vits Assche Closed 1977 Produced Gueuze & Kriek. 1 2
De Vits, R. Halle Joseph De Vits, founder 1927-1978 Boon purchased first brewing equipment and learned the trade from Réne De Vits, son of founder Joseph De Vits. 2.
De Vleminck, J. & Fils Strombeek-Bever Jean Charles De Vleminck Closed 1955 "Brouwerij du Drij Pikkel S.A.". Produced Faro, Gueuze, Gueuze Lambic, Kriek, and Krieken Lambic. Located at Boechoutlaan 245. In 1957, the brewery is converted into a tavern. A time later the entire brewery complex was bought by wine wholesaler H. Roscam, who performed a full restoration of the buildings.[12] Historical info. Brewery listing. Coaster image.
De Vleminck, Constant Molenbeek Active 1885-1900 Located at rue Taziaux 41, Molenbeek. Presented Faro and Lambic at World’s Fair 1885 and 1894, Antwerp, and 1900, Paris. [8] [9]
De Vleminck, François Brussels Active 1885-1900 Located at Chaussée d’Anvers 101. Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1885, Antwerp, and 1900, Paris. [6] [9]
De Vleminck-Coosemans Brussels 1870-1939 Located at Impasse de la Brasserie, Rue de Laeken. Known as Brasserie "Sainte-Marie". Presented Lambic at World's Fair 1885 and 1894, Antwerp. [6] [7] [5]
De Wael, Leon Dendermonde Active 1900-1915 Presented lambic at 1900 World's Fair in Paris. 1 2
De Winne, J. Asper (Zottegem) Jérôme De Winne 1924-1961 Located at Steenweg 37. Produced Gueuze, Kriek, Kriekenbier, and Lambik. Historical info. Sign photo. Label photo. Postcard.
De Wolf-Desmedt Schaerbeek Victor De Wolf-Desmedt Active 1800s Located at rue de la Bruyére 54, Schaerbeek. Known as "Brasserie de la Charrue". Produced Jack-Op, Lambic-Gueuse, Krieken-Lambic. 1 (?) 2
De Wolfs Brussels - Boitsfort J.-Ph. De Wolfs 1870-1961 Produced Gueuze, Gueuze Dewolfs, Gueuze Lambic, Kriek, Kriek Dewolfs, and Lambic. 1 Sign photo. Pitcher photo. [7] [6] [5]
De Zwaan Anderlecht Ed. Pêtre-Nérinckx 1892-1930 French name: "Brasserie du Cygne". Located at Chaussée de Mons 824. Produced Lambic, Faro, and Mars. Bought by F. Moeremans in 1930. [5] Historical research (Guy Moerenhout)
Deboeck Brussels Active 1868 Located at rue de Flandre 188. 1868: produced 414 barrels lambic, 173 barrels faro, 57 barrels mars (Le Moniteur de la Brasserie, Dec 13, 1868, no. 507) [7]
Debrulle, Hector Familleureux Hector Debrulle Produced Gueuze-Lambic. Label photo.
Decock Fréres Brussels Active 1867 Located at place Saint-Géry 10. 1867: 95 barrels lambic, 165 barrels faro (2,3,4 years) (Le Moniteur de la Brasserie, Sep 29, 1867, no. 444) [7]
Degenst, J.B. Brussels Active 1867 Located at rue des Six-Jetons 10. 1867: Lambic, Faro, and Mars (Le Moniteur de la Brasserie, Jan 13, 1867, no. 407) [7]
Degreef-Mosselmans Sint-Genesius-Rode Andre Degreef 1904-1973 Known as "Brasserie & Malterie de Rhode-St. Genése". (Pre-Rodea) Bottled Gueuze & Krieken Lambic.1 (Dutch) 2 3 [13]
Deknop, J.-Michiels Ruisbroek Active 1950's Produced Gueuze, Kriek, and Lambic. Painted glass sign, 1950's.
Delhaize, Louis Sint-Jans-Molenbeek Founded 1875 Contract brewer, market chain. Produced Gueuze Lambic Delhaize and Kriek Lambic Delhaize. Glass photo (Filip Geerts): 1 Company history: 2 Listed as a Boon contract brew: 3
Delimal Peruwelz Produced "Gueuze Lambic Monami". 1 label photo
Delloye, J. & Masson, L. Brussels Active 1894 Presented Faro, Lambic, and Mars at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. [8]
Demol, H. & Fils Molenbeek Located at Chaussee de Gand 601, Molenbeek. Gueuze sign
Denayer-Leemans Vilvoorde Active 1885 Presented Faro, Lambic, and Mars at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. [6]
Depréz, Emile Châtelet Emile Depréz Produced Gueuze-Lambic. Located at rue des Sablières 112, Châtelet. Label photo.
Derauw -
In de Oude Pruim
Beersel Petrus Derauw Founded 1871 Original HORAL member. Café and blender, currently run by 5th generation proprietor, Antoine Derauw. Until 1963, Pierre Derauw kept the tradition of blending Gueuze and Kriek. He operated the inn restaurant until 1993. Café website, Glass photo
Devalkeneer, Victor Pepingen Victor Devalkeneer Produced Gueuze and Kriek Lambic. Enamel sign.
Devroey, Jules Leuven Jules Devroey Active 1912-1936 Produced Gueuze, Kriek, and Lambic. Located at 254 Thienschestraat (Tiensestraat). Glass photo. Site history and current preservation efforts: 1
Dewael, Victor Dworp Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1900, Paris. [9]
D'Hoe Frères Liedekerke Closed 1940 Known as "Brasserie la Balance". Produced Gueuze and Lambic. [1]
D'Hollander, E. Brussels Active 1899 Bottled Lambic-Gueuze. Located at place Henri Conscience 3. 1899 Brussels Almanac listing, page 759.
Dits, R. Uccle Robert Dits 1880-1965 Known as "Brasserie de la Presse" and "Dits Freres". Located at rue du Doyenné 58, Uccle. Produced Gueuze and Kriek. 1 2 3 [5]
Dragon Anderlecht Located at rue Gheude 56-58. Produced Gueuze and Kriekenlambic. Current location of Cantillon. Brewery advertisement.
Druard Schaerbeek 1915-1932 Known as "Brasserie d'Helmet". Produced Faro, Gueuze, and Lambic. 1
Du Roskam Brussels Constant Van Den Stock Closed 1950 Produced Faro, Gueuze du Roskam, Kriek, and Lambic. Also known as Brasserie Etrille. 1929 advertisement. Archived listing. Coaster photo. Index listing.
Dumortier-Devos, J. Laeken Active 1885-1894 Located at Chausse d'Anvers 133. Presented Faro and Lambic at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. [6] [8]
Duwée Brussels Active 1800's Located at rue des Soeurs Noires 7 (present day Boulevard Anspach). 1 1866: produced 800 barrels of Lambic, Faro, and Mars. (Le Moniteur de la Brasserie, Apr 8, 1866, no. 367) [7]
Espagne Brussels A. Vandenbruggen 1829-1866 Located at rue l'Épargne 1. Pre-dates Hérinckx-Duchesne (1866), Herinckx-Toussaint (1908), Toussaint Freres (1922), eventually Brasseries Unies. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 47. [5]
Everaet Ninove Joseph Everaet Closed 1950 Produced Gueuze, Kriek, Lambik. 1, Glass photo, source: ebay.
Eylenbosch Schepdaal Emiel Eylenbosch 1894-1991, 1989:Alken Maes Brewery site since 1851, founded by the mayor of Schepdaal. Abandoned by Mort Subite since 2001. 1
Eylenbosch Huizingen Joannes F. Cammaert 1875-1965 Produced Gueuze. Located on Sollenberg street. Source: Brouwerijen en Bierstekerijen en Beersel.
Félicé & Joly Hoeilaart Joly, J. Active 1905-1932 1905-1914: Brasserie Joly, J. Produced Faro, Lambik. 1
Flamande S.A. Lauwe Closed 1973 Also known as "Vlaamsche Brouwerij". Produced "Faro Frik", "Frik Gueuze Lambik", Gueuze Lambik. 1
Frankveld Beersel Produced Gueuze and Kriek. Glass photo.
Galmart Heikruis Produced "Gueuze Galmart". glass photo (Collection: Danny de Beule, Photo: Filip Geerts) 2
Gévé S.A. Braine-l'Alleud Alfred Glibert 1892-1972 1892-1903: Brasserie A. Glibert, 1903-1927: Brasserie Alfred Glibert-Vanham, 1927-1955: Brasserie-Malterie Glibert-Vanham S.A., 1955: Br. Gévé S.A. Acquired by Br. Alken in 1957, and closed in 1972. Produced Gueuze-Lambic and Lambik. 1, 2, 3
Ghewy-Werrie Brussels Lambic production unknown.
Goossens Sint-Gertrudis-Pede Nestor Goossens, founder 1767-1960 Known as "Brouwerij Ste. Gertrude Pede". Located at Isabellastraat 16. First merged with De Boeck in 1938, then later merged into Brasseries Unies in 1960. Sign photo. 1 brewery photo 3
Hap, Pierre Brussels Pierre Hap Active 1885-1915/1932 Located at Chaussée de Louvain 144. Known as "Brasserie des Deux-Tours". Won a gold medal for Lambic & Faro presented at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. Also won a bronze medal in Brussels (1888), a silver medal in Antwerp (1885), a bronze medal in Paris (1889), and a gold medal in Paris (1900). Possible merger with J. De Coster, active until 1935. Possible early connection to Vandenperre (1885). (V. Van Velsen, op. Cit., p. 54) [7] [8] 1 2 3
Hauwaerts Fréres Brussels Adrien Hauwaerts 1812-1914 Known as "Brasserie la Verger Vert" (Green Orchard). Located at rue des Tanneurs 41. Lambic & Faro presented at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. [7] Quintens, p. 59. [5]
Hellinckx Wemmel Produced Gueuze & Kriek. coaster photo
Herbos Fréres Brussels Active 1885-1894 Located at rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil 73-77. Lambic & Faro presented at World's Fair 1894, Antwerp. Won a gold medal at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. [7] [6] [8] Possibly predates Vandenkerckhoven.
Heremans Brussels Active 1868 Located at rue de la Petite Ile 12. Produced Lambic, Faro, and Mars.
(Le Moniteur de la Brasserie, Dec 13, 1868, no. 507) [7]
Hérinckx, Félix Molenbeek-St.-Jean Félix Hérinckx Active 1894 Located at rue de la Sacristie 4 (present day rue du Prado). 1 Presented Faro and Lambic at World's Fair 1894. [8]
Hérinckx Fréres et Soeur Uccle Guillaume Herinckx, founder 1892-1921 Pre-Brasserie de la Couronne. Presented bottled Lambic at World’s Fair 1894, Antwerp, and 1900, Paris. [8] [9]
Hérinckx-Duchesne, J. Brussels Josse Herinckx-Duchesne 1866-1908 Formerly Brasserie l'Espagne. Located at rue de l’Épargne 13. Presented bottled Lambic at World’s Fair 1894, Antwerp and 1900, Paris. Between 1904-1908 a certain J. Hérinckx married the daughter of Ch. Toussaint, and the brewery became known as Toussaint-Hérinckx, by 1922 it had become Toussaint Fréres. Quintens, p. 51. [8] [9]
Hérinckx-Vankeerberghen, Charles Brussels Charles Hérinckx-Vankeerberghen Active 1880- Known as "Brasserie de la Grand-Ile", located at rue de la Grande Ile 27. Produced Lambic and Faro, presented at World's Fair in 1894 and 1900 (Henri Herinckx). [8] 1 2 3
Hermans Mortsel Active 1971 Produced Caves Ste. Anne Gueuze. glass photo 1971 active date
Het Anker Herentals Frans Leyden Produced "Sport Gueuze Lambik". Label photo.
Het Schip Tienen Active 1911-1934 Brewing cooperative, produced "Extra Gueuze". Also known as "Le Bateau". Archived listing #1 #2 1932 Brewery document.
Heyvaert Asse Marcel Heyvaert 1721-1981 Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 207.
1 2 photo (Collection: Danny De Beule, Photo: Filip Geerts)
Himbrechts, D. Brussels Active 1899 Produced Faro, Lambic, Lambic-Gueuze, and Mars. Located at rue Verbist 17. 1899 Brussels Almanac listing, p. 759.
't Hoefijzer Diest Paul Ooms Closed 1971 Also known as "Brasserie du Fer à Cheval". Produced "Speciale à la Gueuze". Label photo. 1
Houwaerts, Auguste Saint-Gilles Auguste Houwaerts Active 1894 Located at Boulevard Jamar 19. Presented Faro and Lambic at World's Fair 1894. reference to "Gueuze Houwaerts". Coaster photo.
Houyoux Nalinnes (Haies) Maurice Houyoux, founder 1899-1924 Located at Rue Dr Paul Maître 15-17. Also known as "La Nalinnoise". Produced Gueuze-Lambic. Won a bronze medal at the Worlds Fair in 1900. 1 Early 1900's playing card photo. 1907 brewery photo. 1907 cooperage photo. 1907 brewer's house photo. 1907 bottling photo.
Huygens Vlezenbeek Jan-Baptiste Huygens 1911-1970 Lambic blender, produced Gueuze and Kriek. Blender: Jan-Baptiste Huygens (1920-1958). Sourced lambic from Lindemans, De Neve, Eylenbosch, Moriau and Winderickx. Brewery history, p. 18 (PDF) Historical archive photo (Dutch). Historical archive photo #2. Sign photo. Glass photo.
Hygiëna Lembeek (Hondzocht) Louis Paul 1860-1929 Founded originally as Brasserie de Sint-Roch. Delplancq suggests the origins of the name "Gueuze" were tied to Louis Paul from Brasserie Hygiëna in Lembeek, who in 1870 had the nickname "Geus" for his liberal politics. The brewery was also believed to have adapted the champenois method for lambic from Dom Pérignon, a French champagne producer. The people of Lembeek therefore called this beer "lambiek van bij de Geus" or "lambic of the Geus brewery". Delplancq, Thierrry. Les Brasseurs du Lambic: Données Historiques et Géographiques. P. 262-263. Around 1875, the brewery engineer Cayaerts began bottling Gueuze Lambic. The brewery was sold to Pierre Troch in 1898. In 1919, brewery ownership was under Réne Troch, and the brewery closed in 1927 after the economic crisis. The brewery and warehouse buildings were sold to Jozef De Vits, a local tavern owner and gueuze-blender. His son Rene De Vits continued the family lambic blendery here until 1978, who eventually sold the brewery to Frank Boon. 1
Impens, F. Anderlecht Produced Gueuze and Kriek. Located at rue du Drapeau.
In De Rare Vos Schepdaal Louis Moles le Bailly (1909-1997) Active 1945-1974 Café blender. Located at Marktplein 22. Owner Louis Moles le Bailly was once a brewer at Eylenbosch and blended his own lambic and kriekenlambik on site. The café was purchased by Eylenbosch brewery after WWII and leased it to Moles le Bailly. It remained open under various ownership until 2016. It is currently undergoing restoration, with plans to reopen in 2018. Site history. article. Old article photo #1 #2
Istas Fréres Overijse/Jezus Eik Jean Istas-Stillemans Founded 1875 A café blender and tobacconist that advertised Faro, Gueuse-Lambic, Kriek, and Krieken-Lambic. Sourced gueuze from Timmermans since the 1930's, kriek from Brasseries Unies, De Boeck-Goossens, and later Timmermans. Prompted Timmermans to experiment with grape lambic in the 1960's. Located at Brusselsesteenweg 652. Current site is a hotel with a restaurant bearing the name Istas. café photo, historical info, coaster photo, Coaster #2 Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 136.
d'Ixelles Bas-Ixelles Jean Lannoy, founder & brewer 1874-1954 Located at Chaussée de Vleurgat 76, known as "Les Grandes Brasseries d'Ixelles". Produced Faro, "Gueuze Saison", Lambic, and Mars. archive page, site history, article, postcard of lambic caves, Gueuze-Saison label Faro label.
Jack-Op (Nieuwe) Werchter 1869-1967 Also known as "Brasserie De Palmboom N.V., Brasserie Van Roost". Produced Gueuze & Kriek Royalaeken, Lambic, (Van Roost) Reserve Gueuze Lambic. Glass photo.1 2
Jacobs-Herinckx Saint-Gilles P. Jacobs-Herinckx Active 1900-1910 Also known as "Brasserie-Malterie Jérusalem". Located at Chausée de Forest 102. Presented Lambic at World's Fair 1900. 1910 invoice.
Janssens, Jos. Haacht 1915-1932 Known as "Brasserie la Cloche". Produced Gueuze, Kriek, and Lambik. 1 Glass photo.
Janssens, Joseph Weerde Closed 1940 Known as "Brasserie St.-Martin". 1
Jespers & Boon Tervuren (1899)1909-1954 Known as "Brasserie du Parc Royale". 1 Bottle photo. Brewery document. Coaster photos. Glass photo.
Jooris P.V.B.A. Lede G. Wauters & E. Van Lier 1892-1952 Produced Faro, Kriek, Mars, and "Gueuze het Hoefijzer". Brewery listing 1. Brewery listing 2. Sign photo (Filip Geerts). Coaster photo. Gueuze label. Kriek label. Faro label. Mars label.
Jouret, P. Flobecq Closed 1965 Possible contract brewer. Produced Kriek Jouret, "Saison Jouret (Type Gueuse Lambic)", and "Speciale Saison (Type Gueuse Lambic)". Renamed Jouret & Excelsior in 1960. Formerly located at the southwest corner of Rue G. Jouret and Rue Adelin Delmez, current site of a housing development. Archived brewery listing.
Kaeckenbeeck Brussels Jacques Kaeckenbeeck Active 1885-1894 Located at rue d’Anderlecht 19. Produced Lambic, Faro, Mars, and Vieux Lambic.
Presented at World’s Fairs 1885 & 1894, Antwerp. [6] [7]
Kampenhout Rotselaar Theodoor Smedts 1869-1993 Specialized in Lambic. After an acquisition of the Van Wouters brewery by René Smedts in 1939, the brewery produced mainly tafelbier and high fermentation beers. It was eventually acquired by Huyghe in 1993. Historical account. (Dutch) (PDF)
t' Kapteintje Brussels Located at Boulevard Ansbach 77. Known as "Bruxelles Kermesse 1910".
Produced Faro, Lambic-Gueuse, and Krieken-Lambic. sign photo
Ketelbant Brussels Guillaume-François Ketelbant Active 1894 Located at rue des Fabriques 1. Lambic won a bronze medal at the Worlds Fair 1894, Antwerp. Also known as Brasserie le Lion d'Or under Leopold Keltelbant. [7] 1905 Brewery photo with advertisement for lambic, faro, and "lambic-gueuse".
Kint Molenbeek Abel Kint 1899-1971 Located at rue Charles-Quint 31-33. Also known as "Brasserie Du Nord-Est". Produced Gueuze, Gueuze Kint, and Gueuze-Lambic. Sign photo. Glass photo. Coaster photo. Document photo. Label photo. [5]
Koekelberg, Grande Brasserie de Koekelberg 1886-1964 1954: Brasserie de Koekelberg et d'Ixelles S.A., 1964: Ixelberg. Produced Faro, Faro XL, Gueuze Le Chasseur, and Gueuze Saison Speciale. Sign photo. Glass photo. Gueuze Le Chasseur label. 1, (Guy Moerenhout)
Kruger S.A. Eeklo Alfons Loontjens 1910-1992 Previously known as Brasserie Georges Everard (rue de la Station). Presented lambic at the 1910 Worlds Fair in Brussels. 1, 2, 3, 4
L'Écluse Brussels Active 1927 Produced Gueuze-Lambic L'Écluse.
La Fleur d’Or Leuven Active 1909-1947 Produced Faro, bottled Geuze Lambic, and Lambic. 1930 merchant advertisement, page 4. Archived brewery listing. 1930 photo of brewery workers. 1909 active date.
La Fleur d’Or Saint Gilles Arthur Van Den Moortel 1870-1969 Also known as "Brasserie Van Den Moortel" and "De Goude Blomme". Produced Faro, Gueuze, and Kriek. Located at Jamarlaan 19.Sign photo. Coaster photos.Advertisement. Glass sign. Glass photo. 1 2 3
Lamot-Rypens Petit-Willebroeck Désiré Lamot-Rypens Active 1885 Presented Faro and Lambic at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. [6]
Le Phare Brussels 1900-1970 Produced Faro and Gueuze Vieux. Historical research (Guy Moerenhout). Archived brewery listing.
Ledoux Fréres Lodelinsart Beer merchant that contract brewed Gueuze du Pere Francois and Gueuze Ledoux Fréres. Located at Chaussee de Brussels 92, Lodelinsart. Label photo. Label photo 2.
Legrand, Jules Vve. Manage Jules Legrand Closed 1950 Known as "Brasserie Legrand-Monnaie" from 1915-1932. 1
Leopold Ixelles - Brussels Géorges Damiens 1860-1981 Located at rue Vautier 55. Ceased lambic production after WWI [6] (source: Edgar Winderickx). 1888 invoice "Lambic Faro". Historical info, (Guy Moerenhout)
Libotte-Thiriar, E. Liege Edouard Libotte-Thiriar Likely a beer merchant operating as a contract-brewer. Produced Lambic Gueuze (label photo). Record of a beer label trademark linked to a drinks merchant, Edouard Libotte-Thiriar.
Limbourg Anderlecht N. Limbourg Closed 1960s Lambic blender, closed in the 1960's. Source: Cantillon Brewery 1
Linkebeek Linkebeek Edmon Theunissen 1892-1936 Produced Gueuze Extra and Kriek. Merged with Merlo in 1936 and known as Merlink until 1956. (Sources: Friedrich, Sign photo.
Lints - Sterckx, J. Leuven Jules Lints 1885-1954 Located at Brusselsestraat 148. Known as "Brasserie du Petit Ours, Louvania SA, Brasserie de Louvain". Produced Special-Gueuze. Sign photo.1885: Presented Biere de Mars at World's Fair in Antwerp.[6] 1, 2 3
Lootvoet-Dambre Overijse Closed 1978 Produced "Gambrinus Gueuze". Known as "Brasserie de la Fontaine"; 1950: "Brasserie Lootvoet S.A." 1 Glass photo, Label photo.
Loriaux-Frère, V. Jumet/Ransart Also known as Brasserie La Soleil. Produced bottled gueuze. Label photo. Label photo 2.
Loriers, G., S.A. Hoegaarden Founded 1940 1989: Bought by Interbrew, became Hoegaarden. 1
Louwaege Gebr. N.V. Kortemark Placide Louwaege 1877-2003 Also known as "Brasserie de Arend". Located at Markt 14. Produced Faro, Faro Special, Gueuze Flandrine, Lambic. Records of producing Lambic and Gueuze in the 1960's. [7] [5] 1
Maelfait, Marcel Kortrijk Marcel Maelfait Closed 1955 Known as "Brasserie Gambrinus", produced "Gueuze 1302". 1
Maes Fréres Brussels Active 1894-1934 Located at rue d’Anderlecht 59 (69). Known as "Brasserie Le Cornet d'Or". Presented Lambic at the Worlds Fair 1894 Antwerp, 1900 Paris. [9] In 1934, specialized in Gueuze, Kriek, & blending Lambic. (Indicateur des produits belges, Bruxelles, 1934, p. 75) [7] Coaster photo.
Maison Grégoire Binche E. Grégoire Active 1940's A colonial goods shop that contract brewed a Gueuze-Lambic. Located at Avenue Charles Deliège 25, Binche. Label photo.
de Maugrétout S.A. La Louviere Closed 1940 Produced Gueuze-Lambic 1
Merlink Uccle 1940-1956 Formed after merger of Merlo and Linkebeek breweries in 1940.
site history (Dutch), Sign photo #1. #2 brewery document, coaster photo #1 #2 #3 Kriek Lambik label #1, #2.
Merlo Uccle L. Vandeperre 1892-1940 Merlo in Uccle was founded as "Brasserie L. Vandenperre" in 1892, at 392 Causeway Neerstalle. It later took the name "Brasserie du Merlo", then merged in 1940 with the brewery Linkebeek to form brewery Merlink, which finally became "Breweries-Matleries Merlo and Linkebeek, SA Merlink". 1902 Postcard.Postcard #2. (source: Produced Faro, Gueuze Merlo, Kriek Lambik, Kriek Merlo, Lambic. 2
Meutermans, Ch. Schaerbeek Known as "Brasserie du Rupel". Produced Faro, Gueuze, and Krieken Lambic. Located at Place Verboeckhoven 8, Schaerbeek. Possibly a café blender, listed under cafés in Brussels Almanac. Sign photo. (Credit: Cyril59)
Michiels, E. Uccle (Edouard) Michiels 1890-1918 Known as "Brasserie de la Poule". Produced Gueuze and Kriek. Located at Rue Victor Gambier 2. [5] Historical info.
Michiels-Lardinoy, J. B. Calevoet-Uccle J. B. Michiels-Lardinoy Active 1900 Known as "Brasserie-Malterie des Trois Fontaines". Produced Faro, Lambic, and Mars. Trois Fontaines advertisement, Historical info, site of brewers house, built 1900.
Miroir Brussels Active 1934 Known as "Brasserie du Miroir". Produced Lambic, Faro, Gueuze. (Jean-Jacques Cox) brewery photo
Miroir, Arthur Ville-Pommeroeul Arthur Miroir Lambic blender, produced Gueuze Lambic. 1 Label photo.
Monjardin Ixelles Lambic production unknown.
Moeremans, F. Anderlecht F. Moeremans (1892)1931-1981 A lambic brewery site since 1892 (De Zwaan/La Cygne). Moeremans purchased the brewery in 1930 and resumed brewing in 1931. Historical research (Guy Moerenhout), Lambic-Gueuze bottle photo.
Moriau Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Johannes Moriau 1890- 1981 Lambic blender. The family also ran a cafe, Herberg Moriau, which served it's own Geuze & Kriek until closing in 2013. Moriau Geuze was produced by De Neve until 1992, and is still produced by Frank Boon. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 145.
Mosselmans Dworp Joannes-Baptista Mosselmans (1906-1968) Closed 1976 Lambic blender, produced Gueuze and Kriek. Located at Alsembergsesteenweg 618. The former brewery complex has been converted to lofts. Associated brewery names: J.B. Mosselmans-Algoets, J. Mosselmans-Onnockx, Guillaume Mosselmans. Postcard photo #1 (with link to modern day site). Postcard photo #2.Postcard photo #3. Historical info. News article (Dutch). Genealogy record (#76553).
Nerinckx Fréres,
E & L.
Brussels Active 1868 Located at  rue des Fabriques 12-14, 18. Known as "Brasserie Cornet du Poste". 1868: advertised for sale 1000 tons of 2 & 3 year old lambic. (Moniteur de la Brasserie, Sep 13, 1868, no. 494) Mentioned in the 1966 article "Tonnemerken Van Brabantse Lambiekbrouwers". [7]
Nijvel Alsemberg Lambic production unknown.
Nowé-Wafelaerts Vilvorde Active 1896 Known as "Brasserie du Stadskam". Bottled Lambic-Gueuze. 1
Opstaele Elsene (Ixelles) A. Opstaele 1909-1963 Produced Faro, Gueuze-Lambic, Gueuze Opstaele, and Lambic. Located at Fritz Toussaintstraat 55 and Avenue Emile de Beco 70-72. coaster photo label photo, invoice photo, 2. [5]
Parmentier & Co. Brussels Active 1866 Located at impasse de l’Etuvette 6 (present day rue de Laeken 35-37). 1 1866: Produced Lambic Vieux, Faro Vieux, Mars Vieux, Lambic Jeune, and Faro Jeune. [7]
Pauwels, J.B. & Co. Brussels Active 1863 Located at chaussee d’Etterbeek 178. 1863: Produced Lambic, Faro, and bottled Lambic. (Gazette de Bruxelles, 1863) [7]
Petit-Paris, Brasserie du Brussels J.B. Vandenbroeck 1873-1910 Located at Paleizenstraat 399-40. Produced Faro and Lambic. [5]
Pétre-Nérinckx, Vve. Halle Pétre, Joseph, brewer Active -1902-1955 Also known as "Brasserie Notre-Dame" from 1905-1914. Produced Lambic Gueuze. 1 1902 postcard: 2
Pie-Lambik Ganshoren Active 1900-1952 Possibly a café blender, a local café in Ganshoren was named "De herberg v'an Pie Lambik" located on Beeckmansstraat. Produced Gueuze and Kriek. Glass photo. Postcard photo. Historical source: Samen Te Ganshoren, Jan. 1987, Page 2. (Dutch)
Piron-Daurel, Ets. Jumet Active 1892-1929 Produced Gueuze and Gueuze Lambic. 1 2 Gueuze Lambic label
Plaisant-Schoukens Brussels Active 1895-1912 Located at rue Notre-Dame du Sommeil 9-17. Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1900, Paris. [9] 1895: Previously "Brasserie Coosemans. 1912: Became "Brasserie Van Gheem". (Guy Moerenhout)
Pletinckx, Louis Brussels Louis Pletinckx 1795-1812 Located at rue d’Anderlecht 25. Produced Faro, Bruynen Lambic, Geelen Lambic, Lambic, Oude Lambic, and Oude Faro. (A.G.R., Cour d’Appel de Bruxelles, No. 2177) [7] Later known as Brasserie Le Etang Noir, which changed hands several times before finally closing sometime before 1920. [5]
La Pomme Blankenberge Produced "Gueuze La Pomme". 1
Puyts, Jean & Fils Brussels Known as "Brasserie de St.-Jean", and produced Gueuze-Lambic. 1
Quisenaire-Lavendy Jumet R. Quisenaire Located at rue Bara 42, Jumet. Produced Gueuze, Gueuze Extra Linkebeek, Kriek, Kriek Lambik.
1, 2, sign (Collection: Danny de Beule, photo: Filip Geerts)
Ransschyn Brussels Pierre Ransschyn Active 1885 Located at rue de la Serrure, 16. Brasserie "de l'Union" Presented Faro and Lambic at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. Widow ran the brewery, alternate spelling Rauschyne. [6] [7]
Rie van Pol Mollem Hendrik (Rie) Amerijckx (1921-2016) 1880-2000's Café blender, produced Gueuze and Kriek for the cafe (Bij Rie van Pol). Twelve 200L barrels were stored in the cellar for blending. Schaerbeekse cherries were grown in an adjacent orchard on the farm adjacent to the pub, an used for the Kriek on occasion. Rie van Pol took over the cafe in 1961 from his father Leopold (Pol), and passed away in 2016 at the age of 94. The café is now owned by his cousin José Corremans. 1 2
Riche-Soyez Brussels Leopold Riche-Soyez 1829-1868 1829: Earliest mention of the brewery, in a brewer's petition to the States-General. Located at rue Terre Neuve 53-55. Later site of Wielemans-Ceuppens Brewery. Produced Lambic, Faro, and Mars. (A.G.B., Affichettes Commerciales) [7] Brewery advertisement.
Rodea Sint-Genesius-Rode Andre DeGreef 1904-1973 Brewery site since 1877, founded as Brasserie De Greef-Mosselmans.
site history (Dutch), former site, google street view [13]
Rousseau, Arthur Soignies Arthur Rousseau Closed 1940 Known as "Brasserie du Progrès", produced Gueuze and Kriekenlambik. 1
Rovie Brussels Active 1880 Located at rue des Fabriques 2. Presented lambic at World's Fair 1880, Brussels. [7]
Royalaeken Laeken Joseph Charles Heyndrickx 1885-1957 Known as "Brasserie Royale". Located at rue Herry 85. Albert Heyndrickx (1894). [8] Produced Faro, Gueuze Royal de Laeken, Gueuze Vieux Château d'Or (contract brand), Royalaeken Gueuze, and Vieux Lambic for blending (2 & 3 years old). 1910 print advertisement. [6] (source: Petit Journal du Brasseur, 1939). Historical info (Guy Moerenhout).
Saerens Molenbeek Produced Lambic, possibly as a blender. Located at Place Wouters-Koeckx 12. Listed in the Annuaires de la Brasserie, nos. 55, 56 & 57. 1
Sallets-Verstrekken Betekom Closed 1973 Known as "Brasserie Malterie De Schrans S.P.R.L.", produced Faro, Gueuze, Lambik. 1
Sampermans, Joseph N.V. Hasselt Jos Sampermans 1957-1965 Produced Faro, Gueuze-Lambic, Mars. Located at Grote Breemstraat 21, building converted to lofts in 2007.1 2 3
Scaldis Hingene Cesar Van Kerckhoven 1885-1962 Produced Faro and Gueuze Tour Noire. Located at Wolfgang d'Urselstraat 36-38, Bornem (Antwerp).

Gueuze Tour Noire label.1 2

Scheers Anderlecht F. Scheers Produced Gueuze.
Schoesetters, Vve. Schelle Closed 1940 Produced Lambic. 1
Senne Halle Closed 1955 Known as "Brasserie-Malterie de la Senne". Produced Gueuze Extra. Coaster photo. 1
Serré, L. Halle L. Serré Active 1863 Produced lambic, awarded an honorable mention at the 1862 London Exposition. Annuaire de l'industrie, du commerce et de la banque en Belgique, Volume 7, Page 267.
Simon, A.J. & Fils Brussels Closed 1940 Located at rue Fontainas 26. Produced Gueuze-Lambic, Gueuze le Lion Belge, and Lambic. 1,2
Smedts, A. Betekom A. Smedts Active 1930's-1979 Later known as De Sleutel (The Key). Produced Lambik. Label photo. Brewery photo. Brewery listing
Smeraldy Fréres Molenbeek-St-Jean F. Smeraldy 1880-1930 Located at rue des Six-Jetons 10. Presented lambic at World's Fair 1894 (Antwerp), 1900 (Paris). [9][7] (Guy Moerenhout)
Speeckaert, J.B.-De Wael Brussels Active 1930's Located at rue de la Poudrière 64. Produced Gueuze and Kriek. The 6-digit telephone number suggests a date of 1930's or later. Sign photo.
Staceghem Harelbeke 1894-1969 Brewery site since 1715, produced "Gueuze Staceghem". brewery invoice, site history
St. Catherine, Grande Brasserie Brussels A tavern contract brewer mentioned in a 1975 article regarding Vieux Château d'Or. (Possibly a duplicate). "One of the most typically "Bruxellois" taverns is the Grande Brasserie Ste. Catherine, which occupies a building nearly four centuries old in the heart of the city. The Ste. Catherine maintains its own brewery outside town to furnish the house beer specialties. These include Gueuze and Kriek." Ogden Standard Examiner, Dec. 11, 1975
St. Jacob Leuven (1663)1909-1931 Also known as De Hopbloem. Produced Jacob's Gueuze. Label photo. Photo of brewery building. Site history (Dutch).
St. Pietersbrouwerij Neerijse (Leuven) Bruffaerts Closed 1970 Produced Faro, Gueuze-Lambik, Krieken-Lambik. Gueuze-Lambik sign. Krieken-Lambik sign. Archived brewery listing.
Saint-Servais Schaerbeek Deconinck 1878(1880)-1940 Located at Kesselstraat 12, 14. The Huyb(e)rechts brothers produced Gueuze at this brewery from 1910 until it's closure before WWII. (Annuaire du Commerce 1935, 1940) [5]
Snoeck Brussels J.F. Snoeck, brewer Active 1806 Located at Bloemstraat 595 (present day Boulevard Emile Jacqmain). 1 Known as "Le Singe (The Monkey)". Produced Faro. [7]
Stevens Brussels Active 1806 Located at Vlasch markt 853, known as "Brasserie du Chateau d'Or". (CPAS Bruxelles, Archives du Conseil.) [7]
Stimart Huy Closed 1985-1988 Lambic blender. 1 2
Symons Freres Laeken Victor Symons 1900-1935 Located at Paleizenstraat-over-de-Bruggen 422, Laeken. Produced Gueuze Lambic. Used as a warehouse location for the "Brasserie du Château" from Strombeek.The house was a mansion inhabited by Mr. and Mrs. Symons, co-owners of the brewery. Part of the original building still exists. [5] Historical info (source: Candau) Print ad (source:
Systermans Freres Saint-Gilles Jean-Bernard Systermans, brewer Active 1873-1899 Known as "Brasserie Les Trois Coupes", located at rue de France 7, Produced Faro, Lambic. Silver medal, Amsterdam 1883. 1, 2, [6] 1926 closure date, conflicts with book reference. [5]
Tennstedt-Decroes Enghien 1957-1974 Known as "Brasserie du Pot d'Etain", produced Gueuze-Lambic. 1 2
Taymans Jette A. Taymans (1890)1911-1969 Brewery site since 1890, Brewery-Maltery taken over by Vandeperre, which later became Brabrux. 1, 2, 3
Ter Kamme Huizingen Lambic production unknown.
Thienpont Etikhove (Maarkedal) 1908-1969 Also known as "Brasserie de Biekorf" and "Hive's Brasserie", produced Oude Kriek (label). Located at Onderbossenaarstraat 43, Maarkedal. Archived brewery listing., Wikipedia (NL).
Thys-Stas L. Wellen Thys brothers Active 1915-1970 Also known as "Brasserie de Fontein". Produced "Gueuze Thys Wellen" and Morelle, a sweetened beer made with local sour Morello cherries and aged in barrels. 1 2
Tiberghien, Geo Antwerp Active 1946-1950 Registered name "s.a. Geo Tiberghien". Drinks merchant that sold bottled lambic and lambic gueuze (contract brewer). Located at Rue Vondel 9. 1 Label photo. Coaster photo.
Toussaint Fréres Brussels (1906)1922-1957 (1969) Formerly Hérinckx-Duchesne and Toussaint-Hérinckx. Located at rue de l'Epargne 13. Produced Gueuze and Kriek. 1957: Merged with Brasseries Unies. "Toussaint 1900" brand continued by Brasseries Unies. (Guy Moerenhout), coaster, 1935 Brussels Almanac listing. [5]
Brasseries Unies Brussels Closed 1969 Conglomerate of 7 breweries: De Boeck, Goossens, Winderickx, Toussaint, Couronne (De Kroon), De Coster, and Vandenkerckhoven - De Coster-Heymans. Acquired/closed by Belle-Vue in 1969. 1, 2, 3, 4
Urbain, A. Mons Produced Gueuze-Lambic, likely was a contract-brewer. Gueuze-Lambic label photo.
Van Alen Waanrode (East Flanders) Closed 1980 Located at Brouwerijstraat 357. Produced Vieux Bruxelles Gueuze, Morelle (Kriek), & Faro.
Location & year closed, Vieux Bruxelles Gueuze photo, Faro label, Sign photo.
Van Assche Asse Produced Gueuze and Kriek. Known as "Biers d'Assche". Coaster photo. 1
Van Assche Brussels Pierre Charles Van Assche, brewer (Catherine Gellins, widow) Active 1795-1877 Located at rue de l’Eveque. Produced Lambic & Faro.
(A.G.R., Archives de l’Administration Centrale.) [7]
Van Calck-Vandendriesch Berchem-Ste. Agathe Active 1885-1918 Known as Brasserie de la Couronne. Produced Faro, Gueuze, Lambic, and Mars. Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1900, Paris. Brewery transferred to the Merten family in 1918, who continued producing Gueuze until World War II. [7] [9] 1885: "Vandendriesch-Anselme (Brasserie de la Couronne)" listing, in Berchem-Ste. Agathe (Lambic, Faro, Mars).
Van Cutsem Watermaal-Bosvoorde 1902-1972 Lambic brewery. 1
Van de Keere Laeken Louis Van de Keere Active 1885-1900 Located at Chausée D'Anvers 142. Produced Faro, Lambic, and Mars, presented at Worlds Fairs 1885 and 1900. [9]
Van den Bossche, G. Ruisbroek Produced Gueuze and Krieken Lambic. enamel sign glass photo
Van den Bossche, L. Opdorp Active 1905-1950 1905-1914: Known as "Brasserie Van den Bossche-Maes". Produced Gueuze and Kriek. 1
Van den Houtte Groot Bijgaarden Closed 1977 Blender. 1
Van den Moortel Bekkerzeel J.-B. Boterdael 1880s-1969 Produced Gueuze and Lambic. Founded as Brasserie J.B. Boterdael, merger in 1910 becoming Van den Moortel-Boterdael, then exclusively Van den Moortel after 1940. Archived brewery listing. Architecture site history.
Van der Cruys Sint-Katherina-Lombeek Produced Gueuze and Lambic. Sign photo.
Van der Schueren, O. S.A. Aalst A. Van der Schueren (1892) -1976 Known as "Grande Brasserie Le Renard" before 1926, produced Faro Zeeberg, Gueuze, (Le Renard) Lambic Gueuze Extra (label proof). A brewery site site since 1892. 1929: "Brasserie-Malterie Zeeberg S.A." 1964: "Sofibra" 1 [13]
Van Elewyck Koekelberg P. Van Elewyck Closed 1930 Produced Faro, Gueuze, Krieken Lambic, Lambic, and Lambic Extra. 1, 2 3
Van Ginderachter Brussels Jacobus Van Ginderachter 1816-1885 Located at rue de la Blanchisserie 40-42. Founded between 1816 and 1829. Produced Lambic, Faro, and presented at Worlds Fair 1885, Antwerp. [6] [7] [5]
Van Haelen Beersel Closed 1957 Supplied wort to blender Theo Hanssens of Hanssens Artisanaal bvba. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 169.
Van Haelen, Guillaume Brussels Guillaume Van Haelen Active 1885-1894 Located at boulevard Barthélémy 7. Produced Lambic, Faro, presented at Worlds Fair 1894, won silver medal. [6] [7]
Van Haelen Uccle Jean-Emile Van Haelen 1899-1912 Founded by Jean-Emile Van Haelen in 1899. Known as "Brasserie de la Bonne Source" until 1906, when it was taken over by the Depage family and became "Brasserie Depage Fréres" until its closure in 1912. Lambic production unknown. Historical info
Van Haelen-Coche Calevoet-Uccle E. Van Haelen (1751)1800s-1964 Located at Chausée de Alsemberg 611-615, Uccle. Known as "Brasserie de l’Ange" until 1911, later known as "Brasserie de la Fontaine". Acquired by Brabrux in 1968. Produced Faro, Gueuze, Kriek-Lambic, Lambic, and Mars. Bottled Gueuze-Lambic and Gueuze du Patron. Historical info. 1934 Brewery advertisement, Brasserie de l’Ange Document, Breweriana.
Van Haute Groot-Bijgaarden L. Van Haute Produced Gueuze. glass photo
Van Hemelrijk Dworp 1816?-1969 Site history (Dutch)
Van Ingelgem Molenbeek Victor Van Ingelgem Located at rue des Etangs Noirs 2. Known as "Brasserie du Pavillon". Produced Gueuze and Kriek.
sign photo
Van Keerbergen, Victor Brussels Victor Van Keerbergen Active 1900 Located at rue de la Buanderie 11. Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1900, Paris. [9] [7]
Van Keerbergen-Aerts Brussels Henri Van Keerbergen Active 1881-1915 Located at rue du Boulet 3 & boulevard du Midi 4. Known as "Brasserie du Boulet, Brasserie de la Ruche". Steam powered in 1881, awarded silver medal for “Lambic-Geuse” at Worlds Fair 1894, presented Lambic, blended beer, Gueuze-lambic at Worlds Fair 1910, Brussels, and Worlds Fair 1913, Ghent. [7], Old brewery photo, Brewery invoice, enamel sign
Van Lancker, Jules Forest Jules Van Lancker Closed 1966 Known as "Brasserie La Sapinière". Located at Avenue du Pont de Luttre 88. Produced Faro, Gueuze du Pavillion, Gueuze Lambic, Kriek du Pavillion, Krieken Lambic, and Lambic. 1, 1941 Faro label, photo:, Postcard, photo: Freddy Leriche.
Van Malder Anderlecht Jean Van Malder Closed 1986 Also known as "Brasserie la Bourse". Located at rue Van Lint 37. Produced Framboise Van Malder, Frambozenbier, Gueuze Extra, Gueuze Van Malder, Kriek Van Malder, and Lambik. 1975: Only produced filtered gueuze. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 60. 1 2
Van Malder Molenbeek Located at Rue Wauters-Koeckx 13-14, Molenbeek. Possible duplicate. label image
Van Neste Brugge Jules Van Neste 1889-1982 Located at Langestraat 45. Produced Faro and Gueuze 't Hamerken. Known as "Le Marteau" and later known as "'t Hamerken P.V.B.A." after 1940. 1 2 sign photo
Van Onckelen-Buvens Molenbeek Closed 1957-1960 Located at Rue Quatre-Vents 15. Also known as "Brasserie La Cour Royale". Produced Faro, Gueuze, and Kriek. 1 2 Glass photo. Coaster photo. Brewery advertisement.
Van Poucke Brussels Remi Van Poucke Known as "Brasserie Malterie de la Monnaie." Produced Faro, Gueuze Lambic, Krieken Lambic, and Vieux Lambic. 1
Van Reeth Boom Casimir & Emiel van Reeth Closed 1969 Located at Nielsestraat 139. Also known as "Brasserie La Soleil", the brewery produced Gueuze, but it may have been a blend of lambic and top-fermented beer. Located at Nielsestraat 139. Emiel Van Reeth was mayor of Boom from 1887 - 1914.1 2 3 4
Van Roy Lot Produced Gueuze.
Van Sever Wezembeek Leon Van Sever Active 1950s-70s Produced Gueuze & Kriek. Frank Boon purchased barrels from this brewery when starting his own lambic brewery. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 56.
Van Sichem Brussels Closed 1962 Produced Gueuze & Kriek. 1
Van Volxem, L. & Co. Brussels Active 1885-1903 Located at rue Sainte-Catherine 12. Presented Faro, Lambic, and Mars at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. [6][7] 2
Van Wauweringen Dworp Possibly a café blender. Lambic production unknown.
Vanden Abeele Brussels Active 1900 Located at rue Berckmans 108. Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1900, Paris. [9]
Vandenberghen, O. Uccle Omer Vandenberghen Active 1934 Produced Gueuze. Sign photo.
Vandendaele Brussels Active 1806 Located at rue Saint-Pierre 308. (CPAS Bruxelles, Archives du Conseil.)[7]
Vandendriesch-Deprince Brussels Active 1880 Located at rue des Fabriques, 17. Presented lambic at National Exposition 1880, Brussels. [7]
Vandenesse Brussels Located at rue de l’Eveque 13-29. Known as "Brasserie du Cornet d’Or". Produced Faro. (Almanac de commerce…, CPAS Bruxelles, Archives du Conseil.) [7]
Vandenheuvel Brussels J.B. Vandenheuvel (1806)1841-1975 Located at rue de la Senne 9, 19, 21. Known as Brasserie St. Michel since 1806. Bottled Lambic & Faro. (Almanac de commerce, 1880). Ceased lambic production after WWI. [7] [5]
Vandenkerckhoven Brussels 1876-1969 (1893: "L'Etoile", 1948: Merged with De Coster-Heymans, and later Brasseries Unies).
Vandenperre Brussels Emile Vandenperre Located at Avenue Livingstone 6. Produced Faro, Lambic, and Mars.
Vandenperre Frères Uccle Active 1885 Produced Faro, Lambic, and Mars. [6]
Vandenperre, E. & P. Hap Brussels Active 1885 Located at Chaussée de Louvain 150. Presented Faro, Lambic, and Mars at World's Fair 1885, Antwerp. [6] [7]
Vandenstock, Ch. Schaerbeek Charles Van Den Stock Closed 1973 Known as "Le Renard". (Predates Belle-Vue) 1
Vanden Kerckhoven, A.J. Brussels Active 1859-1894 Located at rue du Boulet 5. 1859: advertised 2000 barrels Lambic, Faro, & Mars. Presented Lambic & Faro at World’s Fair 1894, Antwerp. [7]
Vander Borght, J. & J Brussels Jean Vander Borght 1870-1950 Located at rue d’Anderlecht 120, 144. Known as "Brasserie de la Couronne". Produced Gueuze, Kriek, Lambic, Vieux Lambic. 1949 brewery invoice, 1935 Brussels Almanac listing. 1890: produced 53,500 liters of Faro. Presented Lambic, Faro, Mars at World’s Fair 1885, 1894. [7] 2
Vander Elst, E. & Bruyns, D. Uccle Active 1895-1913 Also known as "Brasseurs á Ueck" and later "Brasserie du Merlo". Presented lambic at the 1900 World's Fair in Paris, won a gold medal. 1 2
Vander Linden Halle 1893-2001 Produced Duivels Bier, Faro, Frambozenbier, Lambik, Gueuze,and Kriek. Annual production: 2000 hl/year.
Vanderbeck, E. Marcinelle - Charleroi Active 1941-1967 Located at Avenue de Villette 27. Beer importer/merchant, contract brewer of Gueuze Vanderbeck, Gueuze Bécassine, and Lambic Gueuze. Label photo. Label photo 2. Letterhead photo. Archive page. 1967 invoice. Brewery letterhead.
Vandercammen, J.B. Brussels Active 1867 Located at rue Notre-Dame-du-Sommeil 9-17. Produced Lambic & Faro. (Brewery Monitor, 1867). [7]
Vanderlinden Overijse (1581) 1906-1956 Located at Rameistraat 62. 1906: Produced Gueuze. "Brasserie Vanderlinden-Boitsfort S.A." incorporated 1951 in Overijse. Currently operates a as a drinks center in Overijse. glass photo (source:, Historical/Company info.
Vandermeulen Brussels Active 1867 Located at rue de la Buanderie 7 bis. Produced Lambic, Faro, & Mars. (A.G.R. Notariat general de Brabant, no 37089) [7]
Vanderperre Laeken - Schaerbeek 1900-1972 Located at rue Gilbert 11-15. 1968: Brabrux, 1992: Interbrew. 1 2
Vanderputte Izegem Vandeputte, Arthur 1887-1965 Also known as "Brasserie De Ster". 1905-1914: "Br. Vandeputte & Deconinck". Produced Gueuze Izebrau label photo.
Vankeerbergen Brussels Pierre Victor Vankeerbergen (1816)1870-1922 Pre-dated by brewers Egide Vanderperre (-1816), Marie Vanderperre (1816-1829), Jean Philippe Vandermeulen (-1849), and their children Jean-Desire & Jean-Baptiste Vandermeulen. Known as "Brasserie Tete D'Or" (Golden Head). Located at rue de la Buanderie 11. Pierre Victor Vankeerbergen bought the brewery in 1870. Quintens, p. 69. [5] Produced Lambic, Faro, presented at Worlds Fair 1894. [7]
Ver Elst-Van Hoomissen Brussels François Ver Elst Active 1885-1900 Located at boulevard Barthélémy 11-11A. Won a silver medal for Lambic, Faro, Gueuze, and blended beer (biere de coupage) at Worlds Fair 1894, and a gold medal in 1900. Produced Faro, Gueuze, Lambic, Mars. [7] 1
Verelst Fréres Molenbeek Emile Ver Elst, founder Active 1900-1959 Known as "Brasserie des Quatre Vents", Located at rue des Quatre-Vents 11, Molenbeek. Jean Francois Ver Elst, brewer (1900). Presented Lambic at World’s Fair 1900, Paris. Also produced Gueuze-Lambic. [9] 2 label brewery invoice brewery advertisement
Verhofsteede Nieuwkerken-Waas 1885-(pre-1969) Produced Faro, Kriekenlambik. 1 2
Verschueren Brussels-St. Gilles Active 1920s Café blender.
Victoria Brussels-St. Gilles 1902(?)-1907 Located in the former lambic brewery Crétens-Maeck, at Rue Sterckx 9-11. A 1907 advertisement for a public liquidation sale listed quantities of krieken lambic, lambic, mars, brune forte de coupage, bottled krieken lambic, bottled lambic gueuze, and hop bales. advertisment photo.
Vieux Château d'Or Brussels 1597-1990s Located at rue Gilbert 13 - Gueuze contract brewed by Royalaeken Brewery in Laeken. Active in 1975 per US newspaper article. invoice brewery advertisement
Vos-Kina Sint-Jans-Molenbeek Frans Vos-Kina 1922-1943 Located at Vierwindenstraat 83. Bottled Gueuze-Lambic, acquired by Vandenstock (Belle-Vue) in 1943. 1 glass photo brewery advertisement. advertisement 2.[5]
(a la Mort Subite)
Brussels Theophile Vossen, founder 1928-1970 Original café blender, founded 1928, bought by Mort Subite in 1970. Café website, label, enamel sign (photo: Filip Geerts), Article photo, Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p. 124.
Walckiers & Schaumans Anderlecht Located at Gounot Avenue 59. Produced Gueuze and Kriek, possible contract brewer. (Source: Guy Moerenhout)
Walraeve & Huyghebaert Laarne Auguste Walraeve 1862-2012 Produced Faro, Gueuze Patron. Founded in 1862 by Auguste Walraeve as "Den Anker". 1915: Brasserie Walraeve, Lepelstraat 36 1 2
Walravens-Speliers Gooik 1922-1970 Produced Gueuze Walravens. Possibly a duplicate of Nieuwkam/Charles Walravens. Glass photo. 1, 2 3
Walravens Sint-Pieters-Leeuw Produced Gueuze and Kriek. Glass photo.
Wambacq Essene Peter Wambacq Active 1747-1862 (Brewery site pre-Ankerhof) 1848: Produced Faro. 1862: Produced Lambic. [7]
Wets Sint-Genesius Rode Frans Wets Active 1926-1980(1993) Lambic blender, produced Gueuze and Kriek. Located on Alsembergsesteenweg in Tenbroek (Alsemberg). Closed 1980 in Sint-Genesius-Rode, Girardin continued production until 1993, De Neve continued Kriek production until 1987. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer 1 2 3 4 glass photo sign photo (credit: Filip Geerts)
Wielemans Ceuppens S.A. Forest Lambert Wielemans, Constance Ide Ceuppens (1862) 1880-1988 Located at l’Avenue Van Volxem 366. Produced Gueuze, Kriek, Lambik (until after WWI). 1862: Lambert Wielemans and his wife, Constance Ide Ceuppens, took over their brother-in-law's brewery, who was a trade merchant and contract brewer. Purchased lambic and contracted a brewer to blend faro or gueuze, which was sold to pubs and retail shops. 1950's: Sourced lambic from Winderickx. 1986: Acquired by Brasserie Artois 1, 2, Location (source:, End date of lambic production. (source: Edgar Winderickx)
Willems Wambeek Louis (Lode) Willems 1930-1936 Located on Weverstraat in Wambeek. Produced Gueuze and Krieken-Lambic. Lode Willems (1895-1933) was a direct competitor of De Troch, both in brewing and political life. He won the mayoral election in 1933 against Louis De Troch by 15 votes, but passed away before his inauguration in 1933. The brewery operations were continued by his widow Maria Severanckx until 1936. Advertisement sign photo.
Winants Uccle Closed 1907 Known as "Brasserie La Grande Source", produced Gueuze Lambic. 1 2 label photo
Winderickx Dworp Edgar Winderickx, brewmaster 1957-1969 1765-1969 1968: Acquired by De Boeck-Goossens (Brasseries Unies), closed 1969. Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer, Van den Steen, p.169 Dutch article on Edgar Winderickx Gueuze Vielle Cuvée label Kriek Vielle Cuvée label postcard of an old billboard
Zennebrug Lot Lambic production unknown.


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