Lambic Visitor Center (Bezoekerscentrum "De Lambiek")

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Address: Gemeenveldstraat 1, 1652 Alsemberg
Phone: 02 359 16 36/37


De Lambiek provides a comprehensive history of lambic brewing as well as information about brewing processes, spontaneous fermentation, and lambic culture. The museum includes a 15 minute video, available in four languages, that further educates the visitor. Historic lambic brewerania is also on display throughout the museum.


The Lambic Visitor Center opened in May of 2011 with support from the Beersel tourism board. Since then, it has been included as a stop during the Toer de Geuze held in every odd numbered year. The organization is also host to HORAL for a variety of events including the Lambic Awards and Lambic Academy. During the 2015 Toer de Geuze an estimated 3,000 visitors took part in the guided tours being offered.


Each member brewer and blender of HORAL is represented in its own display. In addition, the Lambic Visitor Center also features the history of lambic production and the history of the Pajottenland presented as a short film in the center's viewing theater (see trailer below). Many pieces of breweriana and cultural memorabilia from the area are also present. The center is also child friendly, with interactive exhibits and games that teach young children about the different ingredients that make up lambic production. Children under the age of 12 are admitted for free.

In addition to historic and cultural exhibits, the Lambic Visitor Center also features a small store where lambic and other local products from around Belgium are available for purchase. Adjacent to the store of local products is a tasting room with lambic available both in bottles and from casks. Tour reservations can also be made in advance.



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