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About the Lambic.Info initiative

Lambic.Info is a project nearly two years in the making designed to gather and organize the information about lambic breweries past and present, beers, events, and locations. This project is run by volunteers who give their time for the effort. This initiative is funded by the site admins and user donations.

Just like lambic beers, this page is continuously developing with new information and is a work in progress as this topic is so vast. Topics, such as closed breweries, experimental brewers and blenders, and brewery and beer histories will continue to develop for years as information is unearthed. We will strive to keep up with the most up-to-date information available from a variety of sources and continue to correct any misinformation that is found.

This site is not intended to replace the wide variety of books, research, and information out there, but to instead serve as a portal to that information. Please use the Submissions page to provide additional lambic reference information or any other data that can help this site expand.

Bottle Collection

As we have explored and researched lambic for this site and throughout our lives, we have collected the empty bottles of lambics that we've had an opportunity to drink. Most of the bottles photographed on this site are from those experiences. As you explore this site, you'll see empty "placeholder bottles" for the lambic that we've not yet tracked down. If you have a full bottle that we're missing and you'd be interested in sharing, selling, trading, or donating it to us and this project, we'd like to talk with you about it. If you only have an empty bottle or aren't interesting in parting with your full bottle, we'd still appreciate a photograph so that we can add it to the site. Please contact us for more information.










Additional Contributors

At this time, we are not actively looking for additional authors but hope to in the future. We encourage everyone to help provide any data as described in the submissions page. We may continue to add editors and authors in the future as the site grows.