3 Fonteinen Geuze Cuvée J&J (Jessie En Joost) Roze (Rose)

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3F J&J Rose

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3 Fonteinen Geuze Cuvée J&J Roze is a special geuze blended for the wedding of Joost de Four and Jessie Sorgeloos, owners of De Heerern van Liedekercke located in Denderleeuw. The blend consists of one year old Boon lambic and three year old Girardin lambic bottled in 2002. It was released in 750ml bottles and is labeled as 6.5% ABV.

History / Other Notes

Roze, as it is more commonly referred to, has been available at the De Heeren pub as recently as 2014. For many years it was available to-go for €45,00, though originally it did sell for less. More recently it has only been available to drink on-site only. The pink label is representative of the female and is paired with another Drie Fonteinen blend, Cuvée J&J Blauw, representative of the male.

This beer was also labeled as Akkurat Oude Geuze 50/50 and sold at Akkurat.[1]

Bottle Log

Bottle Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Bottle Size Label / Notes Image Link
05/07/2002 750ml 6.5% – Blend of 1-yr-old Boon lambic and 3-yr-old Girardin lambic 2002 May 7 Roze.JPG

Label Translation

There once was a man brewing beer. Everybody recognized him for his excellent beer knowledge. This man had a son who also worked in the brewery and with lots of care harvested the hops and malts. The days passed by and one day the son came home with a girl and said, "Father I would like to marry this girl". "Alright, my son" replied the father, "lets have a big party", and a big fire was lit, the best calf was slaughtered and roasted on the spit and all of this was served with an excellent geuze. When it became quite later the father called over his son and his wife. Without speaking a word, he took 2 beer glasses which he filled with two different lambic beers. Then he took a third glass and mixed the two together. He looked his son in the eye, pointed towards the first glass and said: "this is you". Then he looked at his son's wife, pointed towards the second glass and said: "this is you". Then the father picked up the third glass and mused: "marriage is a lot like this mixture of two lambics. When you mix them, the mixture should have a harmonic taste and yet respect the distinct aroma of each of the two beers. Try to realize this in your marriage. The father went quiet, and the young couple hugged the father and said goodbye.


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