3 Fonteinen Akkurat Oude Geuze 50/50

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3 Fonteinen Akkurat Oude Geuze 50/50

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Akkurat's Oude Geuze 50/50 is the same beer as Geuze Cuvée J&J Roze. When part of the batch was provided to Akkurat, a different label was created with Armand's knowledge because Joost and Jessie's wedding label did not make sense for this beer when sold in Sweden. [1]

Fewer than 50 of these bottles were sent to Akkurat and they are no longer available. [1]

Bottle Log

Bottle Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Bottle Size Label / Notes Image Link
05/07/2002 750ml No back label 3F-OudeGeuze 2002 750.jpg

The label indicates that this is a blend of Boon and Lindemans lambic, however it is actually a blend of one year old Boon and three year old Girardin lambic, as stated on the Geuze Cuvée J&J Roze label.[1]


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