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Brasserie Eylenbosch was founded in 1894 in Schepdaal by Emile Eylenbosch, who was also the town mayor. It had been a brewery site since 1851.[1] In 1989, Eylenbosch was acquired by De Keersmaeker which in turn was taken over by Mort Subite (Alken-Maes) in the same year. The Eylenbosch brewery was used as a storage site by Mort Subite until 1991, which allowed them to expand their annual production to 60,000 hectoliters.[2] It was abandoned by Mort Subite in 2001 (or 2004 according to some sources) and is presently a derelict site, popular with urban explorers. 3


The following beers were produced at one time under the Eylenbosch name.[3] There are likely duplicate entries based on slight language differences. Every effort has been made to present as complete a list as possible for further research purposes.





Other / Unknown

  • Christmas
  • Comic Relief Red Beer
  • Paling
  • Rodea



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