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Cantillon Chouke is a gueuze bottled by Cantillon in 37,5cl and 75cl bottles as well as 20L kegs. It consists of equal parts 1-, 2-, and 3-year old lambics with the entirety of the 2-year component being lambic aged in Armagnac barrels. It is listed as 5.5% ABV.

History / Other Notes

Chouke was blended in the winter of 2016. The 75cl bottles and 20L kegs are for on-site consumption at Les Brigittines restaurant, while the 37,5cl bottles are for on-site consumption at Pistolet Original, both in Brussels. Chouke was the first known lambic to be released from Cantillon that has a portion of lambic aged in Armagnac barrels. The word chouke in the Brussels dialect of French is an affectionate name given to someone special.


Label Cantillon Chouke.jpg

Rear Label Translation

"Chouke" is a Belgian beer imagined by 3 Bruxellois entrepreneurs, Jean Van Roy (Brasserie Cantillon), Valérie Lepla (Pistolet Original) and Dirk Myny (Les Brigittines). Brewed with passion by Brasserie Cantillon, it will develop a sour and fruity taste and a woody aroma.

Authentic spontaneously fermented beer, Chouke is comprised of 100% lambic brewed with wheat (35%) and malted barley (65%) made from organic agriculture and aged hops. A sour beer that contains no sugars. Consume preferably 20 years following the bottling date. Beer with an evolving taste.

Bottle Log

Bottle date


Cork Date Bottle Size Label / Notes Image
12/15/2016 Season 16/17 37,5cl Small bottles exclusively for Pistolet Original Cantillon Chouke Dec 15 2016.JPG
12/15/2016 Season 16/17 75cl Large bottles exclusively for Les Brigittines N/A
12/15/2016 N/A 20L keg Kegs exclusively for Les Brigittines, labeled as "Gueuze Dirk" before having an official name Cantillon Chouke Keg Dec 15 2016.JPG