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3F Malvasia Rosso

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3 Fonteinen Malvasia Rosso is a young lambic blended with a red Italian Malvasia grape juice and released in 750ml bottles. This is one of the few beers that contains 100% Drie Fonteinen brewed Lambic. The original blend was 60 liters of juice in each 225 liter barrel.[1] Malvasia Rosso is labeled as 8% ABV.

History / Other Notes

3 Fonteinen Malvasia Rosso was initially bottled in 2002, and the exact varietal of Malvasia grape used is unknown. The last known bottling of Malvasia Rosso occurred in 2003. Bottles were available for purchase around Belgium and were served at both the brewery and Moeder Lambic, as well as in select markets in the United States. Many of the 2003 bottles were available in Denmark and Belgium around 2009, as well as during the first Sour & Bitter Festival in 2012 for a price of 350Dkr, or approximately $62USD.

When 250 liters of fruit juice was first sent to Armand from Italy, it was technically illegal as you cannot send grape juice out of Italy. As such, it was reported to be wine. The juice was stopped and was to be sent to the lab for alcohol content analysis. However, it wasn't sent right away. While they were waiting, it exploded in their fridge.[1]

Unsubstantiated Stories

There is speculation that Malvasia Rosso is the same beer as 3 Fonteinen Druiven Geuze which was bottled in 2000. However, it is still unclear if different grapes were used between the beers, and more research is currently needed. See the Druiven Geuze page for more information.

Label Log


Label Text Translated
100% young lambic brewed by Armand Debelder with juice from the Malavasia Rosso grape. Lambic is brewed from 60% malted barley, 40% wheat, hops, and water. Spontaneous fermentation, aged in oak barrels, secondary fermentation in the bottle. Unfiltered with no added color or taste enhancers. Lambic is brewed from 60% malted barley, 40% wheat, hops, and water.

Bottle Log

Bottle Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Bottle Size Label / Notes Image Link
10/02/2003 750ml Best by 10/2013 3F-MalvasiaRosso2003.jpg


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