3 Fonteinen Kriekenlambic Schaerbeekse

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3 Fonteinen Kriekenlambik Schaerbeekse is an unblended kriek lambic with Schaereekse cherries that has not undergone secondary fermentation. Kriekenlambic Schaerbeekse served at the Café is sweetened according to a recipe developed by Gaston, using a sugar syrup that Armand makes himself. While this only adds minimal sweetness, it does create a beer that cannot age. After five to six days, the beer becomes acedic.[1]

History / Other Notes

3 Fonteinen Kriekenlambik Schaerbeekse is not considered to be commercially available in bottles and is sporadically available on draught at the 3 Fonteinen Café and at the brewery. It has also been served at various festivals and gatherings. The cherries used for this Kriekenlambik are Belgian Schearbeekse cherries.


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