The Gueuze Society (Het Geuzegenootschap)

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The Gueuze Society (Het Geuzegenootschap) is a group whose purpose is to unite lambic and gueuze fans from Belgium and abroad. The group was founded in 2012 and aims to provide infomation about the regional products of the Pajottenland, including spontaneously fermented beers. The group organizes both lectures and festivals and seeks to bring gueuze lovers into contact with each other. The society at large is also a member of the Cultural Council of Lennik.[1]


The Gueuze Society sponsors several lambic-focused events in Belgium throughout the year. They include:

Het Geuzegenootschap Beers

The Geuze Society has had several beers blended and labeled for the group. These beers are not generally available or sold to the public and are available only to members.




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