We have put every effort into finding the most reliable information available to us. The following books were identified in that search and are referenced throughout this website. We have listed, where available, the ISBN numbers and the available languages in hopes that more people will be able to seek these texts out, read them, and provide new insight into lambic. encourages everyone to purchase and read these books, and would like to thank the authors and publishers for making such good information available.

Classic Beer Styles: Lambic


Author: Jean-Xavier Guinard

Date of Publication: 1990

Languages Available: English

ISBN: 978-0937381229

Description: Guinard's Classic Beer Styles: Lambic is one of the quintessential texts on lambic. It is a must-read for anyone who is able to find a copy. The book discusses the history of lambic beers from a cultural perspective, including the origins of many of the lambic terms we use daily. Guinard then discusses the sensory profile of lambic beers, followed by an analysis of the physical and chemical composition of lambics. A large section of the book is dedicated to the brewing, fermentation, and cellaring process. Finally, Guinard briefly discusses storage and serving conditions for lambic. This book is well cited in its research and is used by other authors as a primary source.

Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer


Author: Jef Van den Steen

Date of Publication: 2012

Languages Available: Dutch (original), English (translated), French (translated)

ISBN: 978-9020998764

Description: Van den Steen's Geuze & Kriek: The Secret of Lambic Beer is a primary source for much of the historical background on breweries presented on The research done for this book covers much of the early histories of all of the active brewers and blenders, as well as some of the closed brewers and blenders. We have relied on the familial and historical data provided for each brewery to create a bigger picture of the long tradition of many lambic brewers and blenders. Van den Steen also talks about the history of lambic in general cultural terms as well as the history of the language surrounding lambic. Additionally, Van den Steen discusses some of the legal protections in place for lambic beers, the geography of lambic, and the brewing process.

Geuze en Humanisme


Author: Hubert van Herreweghen

Date of Publication: 1955 (original), 2010 (reprint)

Languages Available: Dutch

ISBN: 978-90-77757-19-2

Description: Hubert van Herreweghen's Geuze en Humanisme was orignally a lecture given by the author to the Flemish Club in Brussels in June of 1955. That same year it was printed in a limited run of 400 copies. It was reprinted in 2010 to commemorate the 90th birthday of the author. In the book, van Herreweghen, a poet, discusses the Flemish culture and the beer that defines it, lambic. Topics discussed cover the origin of the word "geuze", the history of the beer itself, as well as a recitation and review of several poems written about geuze throughout the years. This short book is full of valuable information about the cultural heritage of lambic.

Gueuze, Faro et Kriek


Author: Raymond Buren

Date of Publication: 1992

Languages Available: French

ISBN: 2-87176-013-6

Description: Raymond Buren's Gueuze, Faro, et Kriek is one of the best French-language books published about lambic. It serves as a reader for many of the most important topics in lambic including the etymology of words, the geographic region covering lambic, and current (at the time of publication) lambic brewers and blenders. Also included in this book is a long history of Faro going back to the early 16th century, an analysis of the term Bruocsella, a discussion on spontaneous fermentation and wild yeasts, and several cooking recipes for meals prepared with gueuze. The text also provides insight into the early 1980's and early 1990's era of lambic in and around the Brussels area.

Het Land van de Geuze


Author: Jos Cels

Date of Publication: 1996

Languages Available: Dutch (Original), French (translated)

ISBN: 90-5466-229-8

Description: Review and synopsis coming soon.

Het Mysterie van de Geuze


Author: Jos Cels

Date of Publication: 1992

Languages Available: Dutch

ISBN: 90-5466-010-4

Description: Review and synopsis coming soon.

La Gueuze gourmande


Author: Nicole Darchambeau

Date of Publication: 1995, 2006 (E-book)

Languages Available: French

ISBN: 978-2-9600836-2-0

Publisher's Page: Editions les Capucines

Description: Nicole Darchambeau's La Gueuze gourmande was first published in 1995 with an updated E-book published in 2006. The primary focus of the book is to present a set of cooking recipes to be prepared with Cantillon's gueuze, but there is a lengthy forward written by former Cantillon master brewer and blender Jean Pierre Van Roy. In the forward, Van Roy discusses the early history of the brewery as well as presents some historical facts about lambic culture in general during the early to mid 20th century.


Lambic (Yamamoto)-1.jpg

Author: Takayuki Yamamoto

Date of Publication: 2011

Languages Available: Japanese

ISBN: 978-4765544689

Description: Japanese reader needed to provide synopsis

LambicLand: A Journey Round the Most Unusual Beers in the World


Author: Tim Webb, Chris Pollard, Siobhan McGinn

Date of Publication: 2004 (1st edition), 2010 (2nd edition)

Languages Available: English

ISBN: 978-0954778972

Description: In LambicLand: A Journey Round the Most Unusual Beers in the World, authers Tim Webb, Chris Pollard, and Siobhan McGinn summarize the histories of many of the currently active brewers and blenders in Belgium. Pertinent information includes each brewers or blenders current porfolios, websites, and addresses as well as an extensive list of cafes serving lambic in the Pajottenland. The authors also present an excellent discussion on current laws in place to protect lambic. There is also a lengthy discussion on the history of lambic terminology.

Le temps des cerises chez Cantillon


Author: Nicole Darchambeau

Date of Publication: 2005 (2nd Edition)

Languages Available: French

ISBN: 978-2-9600836-3-7

Publisher's Page: Editions les Capucines

Description: Nicole Darchambeau's Le temps des cerises chez Cantillon was published in 2005 as an accompanying piece to her 1995 publication of La Gueuze gourmande. Like La Gueuze Gourmande, Le temps des cerises chez Cantillon is primarily a cookbook with a set of recipes to be prepared with Cantillon Kriek. Again in the forward of this book, former Cantillon master brewer and blender Jean Pierre Van Roy discusses the history and makeup of the cherries used in Cantillon's cherry beers. Van Roy also provides details about the Schaerbeek cherry,the process of placing the fruit in the lambic, and the duration of fermentation for the cherry beers.

Les Memoirs de Jef Lambic


Author: Jef Lambic

Date of Publication: No date, circa 1955

Languages Available: French

ISBN: None

Description: Les Memoirs de Jef Lambic is a publication of the memoirs written by Jef Lambic, son of a lambic brewer at Brouwerij De Keersmaeker, later known for the Mort Subite brand name. The manuscript, written around the turn of the 20th century, provides an overview of Brussels lambic culture as a social drink. The author also discusses the various pieces of equipment and paraphernalia used in turn of the century breweries. Interesting sections in this book include a discussion of lambic cafes as "chic", the invasion of "brown beers", and an explanation of what Zwanze is in a cultural context. This book was published after the death of Jef Lambic sometime in the late 1940's or early 1950's.

Wild Brews: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition


Author: Jeff Sparrow

Date of Publication: 2005

Languages Available: English

ISBN: 978-0937381861

Description: Jeff Sparrow's Wild Brews: Culture and Craftsmanship in the Belgian Tradition is a handbook for brewing sour beers, but it remains very Belgian-centric. Sparrow discusses the various brewing processes related to lambic beers as well as the history of many of the currently active lambic brewers and blenders. Sparrow gives a good rundown on how to brew sour beers, the various chemical reactions involved in spontaneous fermentation, and the history of spontaneous fermentation in general.