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We need your help!

The success of this project is dependent on independent research and community submissions. We welcome:

  • Photographs of bottling dates for the various bottle logs (see below)
  • YOUR photographs from your trips or tastings if we don't have similar pictures (see below)
  • Information that you've learned (with sources) that further the knowledge of lambic
  • Websites or other lambic resources that you've discovered that could provide new information for the site
  • Corrections to our current site data
  • Validation (or disproving) previously unsubstantiated rumors

Please note that we need verifiable sources for any facts that you're providing. There are many rumors and incorrect 'facts' surrounding lambic and many of the beers, brewers, and blenders discussed on this site. We rely on verifiable sources to help clarify and confirm or disprove this information.

Before your choose to submit, please browse the site to see if the information is already there.


Finally, regarding photo submissions, please review the photos that we already have. While we like having a few candid photos of beers at tastings, we don't need more than two or three. The same goes for place photos. We may not use every photograph submitted.

Also, we are not able to maintain the individual copyright of every photo provided to us. As such, when submitting a photo, please specify which of these options we should follow regarding the ownership of your photo:

1) (Preferred) You are giving the photograph freely to Lambic.Info. You are ok with us watermarking it, adding our copyright, and integrating it permanently as part of this project.
2) You acknowledge that we can post the photograph on the site but prefer that we remove all metadata and do not add any additional copyright. You acknowledge that you are making your photograph public domain.

We are not really looking for photographs that you found on the internet. We can't track the ownership of those photos and we would prefer to wait until we can obtain a photograph that is given by its original owner.

Bottle Collection

As we have explored and researched lambic for this site and throughout our drinking lives, we have collected the empty bottles of lambic that we've had an opportunity to drink. Most of the bottles photographed on this site are from those experiences. As you explore this site, you'll see empty "placeholder bottles" for the lambic that we've not yet tracked down. If you have a full or empty bottle that we're missing and you'd be interested in lending, sharing, selling, trading, or donating it to us and this project, we'd like to talk with you about it. If you only have an empty bottle or aren't interesting in parting with your full bottle, we'd still appreciate a photograph so that we can add it to the site. Please contact us for more information.

How To Submit

Please provide any content submissions, error corrections, or other website suggestions here:

Lambic.Info Submission Form

Please upload any photos or files here (and fill in the form above as well):

Lambic.Info File Upload

(This process is a bit ugly at the moment. If any of you are experts in google form or script creation, please contact Bill or Jonah).