3 Fonteinen Pinot Noir Lambic

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3 Fonteinen Pinot Noir Lambic is an experimental batch of lambic created by the brewery in the mid to late 1990s. Some 75cl bottles exist, though most of it was served fresh on a hand pump.

History / Other Notes

Sometime around 1996-1998, Armand Debelder went on vacation in France. When he returned from this vacation he came home with a trunk full of Pinot Noir grapes. Lambic was put onto these grapes and the experimental test batch was served mostly on the hand pump at the 3 Fonteinen Restaurant and Cafe. According to the cafe, very few of these bottles were made and very few exist today. On a separate vacation during the same 1996-1998 timeframe, an experiemental batch of Chardonnay lambic was also created.


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