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Welcome to Lambic.Info. This is an active research project that endeavors to gather information about lambic brewers and blenders past and present, their histories, beers, events, and locations into one spot. As this topic is so vast, there are sections of this site that have not yet been completed. We encourage you to explore the entire site, but you can always check the most recent updates as well. Every effort has been made to represent lambic in an honest light, and we welcome open and honest input and discussion from the brewers and blenders themselves.

This site is not intended to replace the wide variety of published books, research, and information out there, but to instead serve as a portal to that information. To that end we cite, credit, and thank the authors of many primary sources we have used in conjunction with our own independent research and interviews. We encourage fans and readers alike to seek out these sources whenever possible to become better informed on the subject of one of the most unique beer styles in the world.


What is Lambic?

Main page: An Overview of Lambic
Lambic is a spontaneously fermented beer brewed in the Pajottenland region of Belgium. Its derivatives consist of a variety of styles and has a variety of characteristics: old and young, carbonated or flat, blended, fruited or unfruited, and sweetened or unsweetened. Its unique history, traditions, brewing, and fermentation process makes it like no other beverage in the world.

Lambic Brewers and Blenders (Commercial)

There are currently nine brewers producing lambic within the Senne valley. There are four lambic blenders in the region who buy wort from other producers, age it in their own barrels and create their own custom, commercial lambic blends. Drie Fonteinen both brews their own lambic and creates blends using other producers' product.



Lambic Brewers and Blenders (Closed)

Main page: List of Closed Lambic Breweries and Blenders
Many lambic breweries and blenders have opened and closed through the years. The following page is not an exhaustive list of such places, but it is fairly comprehensive. However, there is a lot of information presented for some of the more recently closed breweries, so please take a look! As more information becomes available it will be uploaded to the corresponding brewery.

Lambic Brewers and Blenders (Experimental)

Main page: List of Experimental Lambic Breweries and Blenders
As lambic experiences its 21st century renaissance, many people have taken to becoming home-blenders. Much like the tradition of the lambic cafe, house-blenders source their lambic from the producers and blend it in a number of ways. From traditional lambic and gueuze blends to blending it with other styles of beer, more and more of these bottles are showing up.

Lambic Bars, Cafés, and Restaurants

Main page: List of Lambic Bars, Cafés, and Restaurants
While there are many bars around the world that serve lambic, the list below represents places that feature lambic prominently, if not exclusively. Lambic enthusiasts often plan trips specifically around these destinations, either because of their selection, specific lambic-related events, or because they have special lambics made specifically for their bar.

Lambic Events

Main page: List of Lambic Events
Throughout Belgium and the rest of the world there are many lambic-specific events that take place during different parts of the year. Many times, these events are associated with specific breweries, special beer releases, or particular styles of lambic. They can also be associated with various lambic-affiliated beer groups.

Lambic Groups

Mainly in Belgium, a small number of groups and societies exist that focus on preserving and promoting the culture of lambic. These groups help to maintain some of the various lambic museums, volunteer at festivals, and host their own tastings, events, and festivals.

Learn More

Outside of the Lambic.Info research initiative, there is a wealth of resources available to lambic fans and researchers alike.